Random facts.


Woo. This has been stagnant for days. I have got to be more serious about this blog.

Now, a little on the inside. RANDOM FACTS!!

1.   My family house is as old as I am.

That’s right. I’ve never shifted in my life and my father bought this house when I was a baby but we moved in only when I turned one because it was under construction.

2.   My dog saved my life. 

Not in a literal jumped into a river and saved me from drowning way, but she basically brought my happy self back. I love her so much if I had to choose who to save in a fire I would save her anytime. In comparison to my boyfriend. Also because he has legs and common sense to run.

3.   I have caused an accident before. 

Traffic accident, that is. I was young, 7 I think. We do stupid things at that age like not look at the sideview mirror before opening the vehicle door. I did exactly that, didn’t see a motorbike on my end and he ended up in the drain with a bleeding finger, broken nail, bruises and abrasions. It was the huge monsoon kinda drain, his whole bike fell into it along with him. He turned out to be my Arts teacher in Form 3. Sorry, Sir.

4.   I have a list of favourite animals. 

Sea turtles are my first love. Followed closely by pandas. Then penguins.

5.   My main weakness is luxury bags. 

And criticism. And lack of self control on spending. Hence title.

6.   I fired an M16. 

Only will happen if you go NS. They had shooting course or something around 2 months into training. It was the only program I looked forward to the most. 100m range, 76/100 score. Not bad for a person with 800 on each eye. With astig. Ask your optometrist.

7.   Koalas are marsupials, not bears. 

So stating them as koala bears is technically wrong. They’re closer to being possums but they look like bears. Fluffy teddy bears with claws that could kill. I said random facts, not all are of me. Hehehe.

8.   I wanted to be an architect. 

Maths not good. Add maths not good. What to do. At least I still can build virtual ones on the Sims 4 so all hope is not lost!

9.   I was a vegetarian for 10 months. 

I wanted to be a better earth settler by being a vegetarian to reduce animal’s suffering but guess what made me break? Yeap, crabs. My dad was also worried for my health because I looked pale and tired all the time, so there’s that too on a sidenote.

10.   I cannot donate blood. 

I want to so badly but I’m anaemic, so I would kill myself in the process of helping others. Sad sentiments, really. I did the next best thing I could think of though. I signed up for organ donation with full support of my family and I urge everyone to do so because those body parts are precious and could save someone’s life. It would be such a waste for it to be buried when someone else needs it desperately. So please, discuss with your family and sign up to be one!

11.   I was a school swimmer. 

I mean, not the best, but technically if I joined the school’s swimming team and entered competitions I’m still considered a school swimmer right? Or not? I did come in third in a three people race…I’m really not then.

12.   I broke my arm when I was in Form 2. 

Form 2 = 14 years old for non-Malaysians. Hello to you! Went to the beach with friend’s church group despite my mum’s strong reluctance (maternal instinct that shit was gonna happen to me). Ended up in the hospital with a second elbow because both radius and ulna snapped. I had the most care I’ve ever had in my life and so many people loved me. Hehe. I couldn’t thank you enough for the concerns and visits. Really appreciated it. Also got discharged from the hospital as soon as I can, not because it was expensive to stay another night, but I really wanted to show off my broken arm. I thought I was cool. Still think so AHAHAHA.

13.   Seeing ghosts. 

Infrasound. Sometimes shadows or images that you seem to see out of the corner of your eyes are caused by infrasounds. The frequency from 8Hz to 14Hz are responsible for vibrations that could create fear, panic and the likes because it is out of range from the human’s hearing range, but deep enough to vibrate, say, your eyeballs. Thus sometimes when you think you’re seeing things, you’re actually experiencing infrasounds. Unless a translucent person is literally standing in front of you, you aren’t seeing ghosts. I can finally sleep. In you’re interested a Cracked article did explain it.

14.   I hate running. 

I absolutely hate any form of running. Jogging included. I don’t understand what’s the joy of it when your lungs feel like exploding and feeling like your heart’s gonna burst and you want to die right there and then. Adrenaline? I have roller coasters for that. No hate to people who enjoy it though. You do you.

15.   I’m a junkie. 

Not the drugs way. The junk food way. I was raised by a strict mum who refuses to let me and my siblings indulge in junk food so once I’ve gained freedom in university…POTATO CHIPS HERE I COME!

16.   I swear a lot. A lot. 

With only people I’m comfortable with, of course. They will testify. Irony is lost on me though when my ex, who uses exclusively all the Cantonese and Hokkien swear words in every sentence claimed one of the reasons he dumped me was because I said fuck. I was mad, what do you expect me to say?! Also that was an excuse. He was flirting with other girls behind my back. I dodged a bullet there.

17.   I once went without sleep for 48 hours straight.

Not. Good. Don’t do it. I slept 15 hours straight after that.

18.  When a male penguin falls in love with a female penguin, he will find the smoothest and roundest pebble as a present. Kinda like an engagement ring.

I love this fact best. It’s too adorable! They mate for life too.

19.   I’m addicted to buying face masks.

Ask any Kbeauty addict. Masks are kryptonite to many of us. I just bought 8 masks from The Face Shop yesterday and I’m already considering getting some more from Althea. They’re hydrogels. It’s different. The Face Shop is also running a promo now on 50% off for the 2nd item you purchase only in retail stores. Technically I got it for cheap. Hehe. Excuses.

20.   I procrastinate. 

Sometimes it’s severe. Like this post which I procrastinated for 4 days. Time to make that planner work.

I’m thinking of starting a YouTube channel. What do you think?

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