Into blogging


I’ve had one. Exactly only one with one post lamenting on lost friendships. I don’t even remember the name of that blog now. But I remember looking at it back in 20-something, before hotmail cease its existence on the internet, where that blog was still traceable. I swore to myself I would never blog again.

And then came youtube. I’m pretty slow when it comes to trends. I have that one blog 2 years after blogging was a hype and now I’m here so many years after. I’ve only ever used youtube to play songs and movie trailers and stuff like that, but it all started with handbag reviews.

I did not in my life imagine I could get information on youtube about bags. I love bags, but they are pretty pricey to just pick and choose without knowing the pros and cons. I watched reviews and unboxing videos and a whole lot of stuff. One thing led to the other and I find myself watching vlogs. Interesting to say the least, tempting to try it out, but I’m a shy person with not much of the positive energy for vlogs. So we go back to basics, back to blogs.

I hope I can keep this up. This is a trial run, after all.

More to come.



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